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Matt Spear Personal Training

Matt’s mission is to help other develop a rich mind, body, and spirit. He brings enthusiasm, energy and heart-felt passion to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his clients.

Matt guides clients through a holistic approach to fitness. He uncovers what the body needs and tailors an exercise program to suit the individual, and a dietary program to nourish the body.

Matt works hard to build a deep relationship with clients so that he can help them overcome any issue. He particularly enjoys working with clients whose goals include losing weight or overcoming injuries.

Matt graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Exercise and Health Science. He also is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, and holds multiple personal trainer certifications with NASM and ACE.

Matt is a devoted father and husband. An avid outdoorsmen, he loves anything that takes him outside. In his spare time, you will find him teaching his young son, Everest, all about the finer points of beginning a healthy lifestyle as a youngster.

Weight Loss

Combining exercise and a nutrient dense diet to meet your weight loss goals.


Redefining the body’s limits through a variety of dynamic exercise techniques.

Pain Management

Finding the origin of the pain and correcting the imbalances creating the pain.


Beyond organic, farm first, and nutrient density are the missing factors.

Health & Vitality

Discover how eating right and exercising can improve your quality of life.

Athletic Performance

Techniques for unlocking your full potential.

Matt’s Approach

Matt focuses on a set of exercise fundamentals that start with your structure and work outward. Matt educates and empowers you to take control of your health and wellness. You will be encouraged in your health journey. You will be strengthened physically to do whatever sport you desire. You will be empowered to make more informed health decisions. Matt will help you clear the misunderstanding, misinformation, and confusion in health and fitness and in healing your body.

Matt focuses on corrective exercise and functional training. Every client has different needs, and those needs are dependent on the client’s lifestyle. Functional training focuses on building fitness to meet your daily life demands. For some people this means picking up their child, having the strength and energy to make it through the day, or improving their sprint time by half a second.

Matt has extensive experience in assessing and solving issues with clients in chronic pain.


  • Matt is one of the most respected, professional and knowledgeable trainers that I have the pleasure of working with. Matt's approach to training is both technical and scientific, but most important he gets the best out of his clients. I have full confidence in Matt's skills, experience and overall approach to the his craft. Matt is one of the most consummate professionals in fitness today.

    Kurt Gillon
  • When I first visited Matt for personal training I was skeptical since he did not use dumbbells and barbells. Was I wrong! The workouts were intense and was the best experience I had with a personal trainer since my strength, flexibility, and balance greatly improved. Did I see results? Yes! I could not believe I could get in that much shape at my age.

    Susan Haralson
  • I first met Matt almost 2 years ago. I had an ongoing Hamstring injury and I had been to physio for 3 months prior to meeting Matt and was not seeing any improvement. Matt then said he would be able to work with me and relieve the pain I was feeling. My initial thought, was what do I have to lose? I was training with Matt 3 days a week and getting other workouts in in between. In a matter of a couple weeks, I was working out pain free! I could not believe it! I was building strength week by week and loving every minute of my workouts with Matt! Matt has a wealth of experience in fitness and injury prevention and truly cares about giving his clients the best possible workout to suit each client’s needs. Thanks Matt for all the great workouts!

    Kay Lopes
  • In a little over a month I began to see a difference and feel so much better about myself. He is very professional and he really knows his stuff. He will work you hard within your own personal range. I would and have recommended him to several friends. You won't be sorry!!

    Amanda Harper
  • I began working with Matt after seeing many doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. Surgery was the best option they could give me for the herniated disks in my neck, causing me daily pain for over a year. After a detailed assessment, Matt was able to identify the methods needed to correct my posture and build the strength necessary to relieve the pressure on my vertebrae. After 6 months of Matt's creative workouts and nutritional suggestions (gluten-free to reduce inflammation), I woke up one day pain free, and I have been ever since. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about corrective fitness.

    Rachel Edmondson
  • I started working with Matt in regards to some pain in my shoulders and neck. It was a different approach to the chiropractic and massage therapies that I had tried, but was able to give me results that I had yet to experience. Matt has a great demeanor and is very encouraging and supportive.

    Matt Britton
  • I worked out with Matt for over a year in both group and individual training sessions. He mixes up his workouts, corrects my form, and is able to modify exercises for injuries. He is very motivating and positive. He takes interest in his clients and knows what exercises to do to push them personally. I was the strongest I have ever been when he was my trainer.

    Laura Dovan
  • Thank you Matt for your training and assistance while I was preparing for the physical and agility test required to become a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. Thanks to the training and knowledge Matt provided me, I was able to not only pass the test but exceed my goal. Thanks to the body assessment you were able to identify the cause of my shin splints, a problem I have had since I was a teenager. Thanks for providing me the necessary exercises to correct and prevent shin splints. When I started the program my weight was 194/195 pounds and after two months my weight is 179/180 pounds. As a result from correcting and balancing my diet and continuing the workouts I was able to lose about 15 pounds in a healthy way. I am in the best physical health and shape I have ever been, I feel healthier, more energized. Matt's knowledge, enthusiasm, and charisma were an important factor I considered when I sign up and continued with the program. I thank Matt for his extra effort and adapting to my working schedule. I am extremely satisfied with the results of the program.

    Willie Nerio



A specialized session focused on yours goals. Each session will follow a program based upon your needs, and designed to get you the best results.


Train with a friend, partner, or spouse. The training session will still cater to your needs, while adding the enjoyment of a partner.


Three or more people working out together. For those seeking a high energy atmosphere, friends to motivate, and a trainer to push you.


Train anywhere with sessions delivered via video conference. Your busy schedules doesn’t need to be a barrier to getting the results you want.

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